Wine growers in the Northern Rhone since 1491, the Chave family (currently helmed by Gérard and son Jean-Louis) represents 16 generations of unbroken lineage committed to the evocation of some of the finest Syrah, Marsanne, and Roussanne on the planet. Jean Louis joined his father in 1992 after completing undergraduate studies at University of Connecticut and a degree in oenology at Davis. After forfeiting his childhood dream of becoming a Wall Street broker, the prodigal son came home from America to accept his place among winemaking royalty. It was at that time that he completely replanted vineyards on the family’s original estate in Saint Joseph, which had been abandoned in the early 1900’s when phylloxera hit the region. His relatives subsequently purchased land on the anointed Hermitage hill.



Chave 家族(目前由Gérard 和Jean-Louis 父子倆領導)自1491 起在北羅納河谷產區釀酒,歷經16 代人,不間斷地為釀制全世界最好的西拉、瑪珊、瑚珊葡萄酒而不懈努力。1992 年,Jean Louis 在康乃狄克大學完成學業並獲得加州大學大衛斯分校釀酒學位,之後跟隨父親釀酒。成為華爾街經紀人的兒時夢想破滅之後,這位浪子從美國歸來,欣然接受成為釀酒師的家族使命。



Chave 家族(目前由Gérard 和Jean-Louis 父子俩领导)自1491 起在北罗讷河谷产区酿酒,历经16 代人,不间断地为酿制全世界最好的西拉、玛珊、瑚珊葡萄酒而不懈努力。1992 年,Jean Louis 在康涅狄格大学完成学业并获得加州大学戴维斯分校酿酒学位,之后跟随父亲酿酒。成为华尔街经纪人的儿时梦想破灭之后,这位浪子从美国归来,欣然接受成为酿酒师的家族使命。

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