Hayes Ranch


Hayes Ranch premium California wines embrace the spirit of the American West. The Hayes family was a true California ranching family whose livelihood depended on the land. Today, the Wente Family carries on the Hayes family tradition, with 128 years of winemaking and wine growing history, crafting bright, delicious wines from premier California vineyards. We created these wines for your enjoyment, with a rancher’s pride, from excellent quality grapes.



Hayes 家族是真正以土地為生的加州牧民家族。釀酒師們著力於用最好的加州葡萄園的葡萄手工打造清四溢飄香的葡萄酒,帶著身為牧民的自豪感為全世界創造優質葡萄酒。



Hayes 家族是真正以土地为生的加州牧民家族。酿酒师们着力于用最好的加州葡萄园的葡萄手工打造清四溢飘香的葡萄酒,带着身为牧民的自豪感为全世界创造优质葡萄酒。

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產品為 ‘雲迪海斯’
產品為 ‘云迪海斯’

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Hayes Ranch Chardonnay 2016 雲迪海斯莎當尼白葡萄酒 云迪海斯莎当尼白葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Chardonnay 莎當妮 莎当妮 Vintages:年份:年份:
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 14%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Hayes Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 雲迪海斯卡本妮蘇維翁紅葡萄酒 云迪海斯卡本妮苏维翁红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Shiraz Petit Verdot 卡本妮蘇維翁,小西拉, 小維鐸 卡本妮苏维翁,小西拉, 小维铎 Vintages:年份:年份:
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 14%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Hayes Ranch Merlot 2014 雲迪海斯梅洛紅葡萄酒 云迪海斯梅洛红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Shiraz 梅洛, 卡本妮蘇維翁, 小西拉 梅洛, 卡本妮苏维翁, 小西拉 Vintages:年份:年份:
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 14%