Mitolo Wine is a family owned business, borne of and led by the founder and owner Frank Mitolo’s vision, to create a range of wines of individuality, integrity and utmost Quality. Whether it is in the vineyard, or in the winery, or the work of the many different coopers who source and shape the diverse barrels which are used at Mitolo, Each wine is nurtured and developed with a zealous passion that spares no effort or Investment to ensure that the best of everything is brought together to make wines of Purity, elegance and power.



Mitolo 葡萄酒為家族企業,由弗蘭克和 Simone Mitolo 共同創立於1999 年。他們的目標是以激情和堅定的信念去生產一種個性化的、手工製作的優質葡萄酒。



Mitolo 葡萄酒为家族企业,由弗兰克和 Simone Mitolo 共同创立于1999 年。他们的目标是以激情和坚定的信念去生产一种个性化的、手工制作的优质葡萄酒。

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產品為 ‘米多羅傑特’
產品為 ‘米多罗杰特’

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: *Mitolo Jester Vermentino 2014 米多羅白葡萄酒 米多罗白葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Vermentino 維蒙蒂諾 维蒙蒂诺 Vintages:年份:年份: 2010
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 10%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Mitolo Jester Shiraz 2015 米多羅傑特希哈紅葡萄酒 米多罗杰特希哈红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Shiraz 希哈 希哈 Vintages:年份:年份: 2014
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 15%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Mitolo Jester Cabernet Sauvignon 2014/15 米多羅傑特卡本妮蘇維翁紅葡萄酒 米多罗杰特卡本妮苏维翁红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Cabernet Sauvignon 卡本妮蘇維翁 卡本妮苏维翁 Vintages:年份:年份:
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 14%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Mitolo G.A.M. Shiraz 2013 米多羅嘉怡紅葡萄酒 米多罗嘉怡红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Shiraz 希哈 希哈 Vintages:年份:年份:
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 15%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Mitolo Savitar Shiraz 2010 米多羅莎威紅葡萄酒 米多罗莎威红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级: 92
Grape:酒類:酒类: Shiraz 希哈 希哈 Vintages:年份:年份:
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 15%