In 2006 Tolpuddle Vineyard won the inaugural Tasmanian Vineyard of the Year award, reflecting the performance of this unique and distinguished site. Under the current owners, Martin Shaw, and Michael and Matthew Hill Smith, there is a firm commitment to respecting the site, and seeing it become one of Australia’s great vineyard domains for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.



托爾普德莊園在2006 年獲封首屆塔斯馬尼亞最佳葡萄園,真實地反映了莊園獨特而優異的表現。在目前的三位莊主Martin Shaw, Michael和Matthew Hill Smith 的領導下,秉持著尊重土地的堅定信念,共同打造澳大利亞最偉大的霞多麗和黑皮諾葡萄園。



托尔普德庄园在2006 年获封首届塔斯马尼亚最佳葡萄园,真实地反映了庄园独特而优异的表现。在目前的三位庄主Martin Shaw, Michael和Matthew Hill Smith 的领导下,秉持着尊重土地的坚定信念,共同打造澳大利亚最伟大的霞多丽和黑皮诺葡萄园。

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產品為 ‘托爾普德莊園’
產品為 ‘托尔普德庄园’

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay 2015 托爾普德莊園莎當妮白葡萄酒 托尔普德庄园莎当妮白葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Chardonnay 莎當妮 莎当妮 Vintages:年份:年份: 2013
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 12.5%

Producer:酒莊:酒庄: Tolpuddle Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014/15/16 托爾普德莊園黑皮諾紅葡萄酒 托尔普德庄园黑皮诺红葡萄酒 Rating:評級:评级:
Grape:酒類:酒类: Pinot Noir 黑皮諾 黑皮诺 Vintages:年份:年份: 2012, 2014, 2015
Alcohol:酒精度:酒精度: 12.5%