Chateau Bois de Favereau
Chateau Bois de Favereau
Over more than four generations, the Galineau family has built up comprehensive experience with grapes and their different terroirs. The family’s wine-making dates back to great-grandfather René Galineau, born in 1870. In 1968, Michel and Marie Claude were running the vineyard. The Galineau family works hard every day in the vines and on the land, whilst developing the latest production technologies to ensure the end result is high-quality wine. In 2003, Dominique Galineau took over from his parents.
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Château Bois de Favereau

Château Bois de Favereau 2018
Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
Colored wine, rich bouquet, combining a tannic finesse and a roundness in persistent mouth.

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